JTechs has developed a new in and out display program and permanent packaging solution that will make it easier for the consumer to decide what’s the right bulb for their home.

Using photo icons and descriptions, our displays help the consumer identify the right bulb for their home. For example….


·         The best bulb for above a bathroom mirror, guaranteeing a woman, or man, that their make-up will look the same in the real world as it does in the mirror;

·         The best bulb for bringing out the color in a room, presenting cross merchandising opportunities with your paint dept.

·         The best bulb for your bedside lamp;

·         The best bulb for your reading lamp adjusted for your age;

·         The best bulb for creating a warm, inviting space;

·         The best bulb for your glass chandelier;

·         The best bulb for your brass, bronze or mixed material chandelier;

·         If there is a bulb to sell, our displays and packaging can help match the right bulb with the right customer.


Buying LED light bulbs is confusing! With watt replacement values from 25 to 150, putting out any number of lumens and available in Warm White, Soft White, Bright White and Daylight how’s a consumer supposed to know what light bulb is right for them? JTechs has the answer!


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